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Mission: Innovating the towing industry to improve the lives of our customers

and our employees! 


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1.We exist to better the lives or our customers, employees and the hitch industry. We will always put our customers needs ahead of our own, and do all we can to build their loyalty and trust so that we are not A hitch option for them, but THEE hitch option.

2.GEN-Y employees are the reason we exist, and our customers are the reason that our employees exist within the company. We will always lead this team with a servant’s heart so that our employees know that they are the reason we are able to do what we do. We know that by doing this, we will earn the trust and loyalty of our employees, and they will in turn be the best face of our company to the customers that we serve.

3.We will always produce and sell only the best hitch’s and products possible. We will never sacrifice quality for higher profit margins, service for less payroll expense or approachability in the name of convenience.