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4 Things You Won’t Say After You “Get Hitched”!

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Today we look at things you won’t say after you #GetHitched. We think you will agree if you have a #GenuineGenY, and if you don’t, we think this will give you some great motivation to #GetHItched today!
1. “Man, I wish I had a higher towing capacity!”
We have the highest towing capacities on the drop hitch market! We also have a huge spectrum of towing capacities..10K, 16K, 21K and yes, even 32K towing capacity! If you need to tow it, we more than likely have a solution for you!
2. “Wow, there is a TON of jostling as we tow this trailer!”
Our torsion hitch mitigates up to 90% of the back and forth inertia between your truck and trailer, and our brand new GEN-Y Gooseneck Torsion Surge Coupler mitigates up to 90% of ALL inertia between truck and trailer. What does that mean for you? Well, as one of our satisfied customers, Mark Monroe told us once, “you will be looking back every now and then just to make sure that your trailer is still there!” It is a smooth ride for you, your truck and trailer and your cargo!
3. “I am SOOO upset I spent this money on getting a Genuine Gen-Y drop hitch!”
We hear lots of feedback from our customers. Sometimes folks need to get a different drop height, and sometimes we hear before they buy that it’s a bit more money than they anticipated spending on their hitch solution, but guess what we have never heard? ANY complaints about price after they get their hitch! It really is true that the thrill of quality lasts MUCH longer than the feeling you get when you spend the money, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you do have buyers remorse, we will work to help you in any way we are able!
4. “My mail delivery person LOVES me!”
Ok, so this one is a bit of a joke, lol. We love our mail delivery person, and we love our UPS man, but sometimes we have heard that picking up at our place can be a bit cumbersome on our delivery person’s back. Our hitches aren’t light, but they are beefy and they do the job better than any other drop hitch on the market. Make sure and thank your delivery person with a plate of cookies after they bring you your #GenuineGenY, and you should be just fine.
So there you go, 4 things you simply will not say after you #GetHitched! My only question is, why are you still reading? Head over to and #GetHitched with a #GenuineGenY right now!
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