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We have our business name pronounced in a LOT of different ways each week, and quite frankly, it doesn’t bug us one bit…let me explain why…

1.When people pronounce it “GENIE”, we assume they are picturing a Genie like in the movie Aladdin, and our hitch does, in some ways, “grant wishes” for people. What do I mean by that? Well, for many years, the hitch industry has been stagnant when it comes to new solutions. The industry as a whole has just “made do” with the same outdated technology while most other industries have progressed forward. We think that people have wished for a tougher, more versatile hitch, and we are happy to be the “GENIE” that grants that wish.

A “Ginny” Mule

2.When people pronounce it “GENNY,” we think they may be picturing a “GINNY” mule, which is a WORK horse! We don’t mind this either because our hitch allows you to do more…just like a mule does! While we don’t like some of the other connotations of being called a mule in other areas of our lives, in this instance, it makes us happy!

3.The actual pronunciation, “GEN-Y” (GEN-Why) is also one that we LOVE to hear, mainly because it is the actual name of our company, but also because it reminds people that the millennial generation isn’t ALL about spoiled kids who think they are entitled to latte’s and beard oil and a free ride. We are PROUD to be a part of Generation-Y, and we think that work ethic, quality, and professionalism isn’t bound to any one generation but is a personal quality, and we ONLY hire those that can aspire to this goal..regardless of their age or to which generation they belong.

We hope this clears things up a bit. Much like a guy named Bob answering to “Robert”, “Bobby” or “Bob”, we answer to any of these names…each reminds us of a different facet of the company that we have built, and we are proud to be associated with all 3!

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