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When the going gets tough…

A warranty is only as good as the company that offers it. At GEN-Y Hitch we have a lifetime warranty on all of our products, and a history of standing behind any issues that may have popped up. Our torsion hitch components have a ten-year warranty behind them, and to date, we have yet to replace even one of them. We have developed a nationwide name for ourselves because of our quality,  our attention to detail, and our personable customer service (try calling our office…you will talk directly with the owner, the national sales manager or the marketing director every time!).

Many times a company comes on the scene, does what they can to grow as fast as they can, and then poof…you cannot find them when you have questions. Our national dealer network of over 150 dealers coupled with our huge online presence and Amazon and Ebay stores shows you that we are here for the long haul, and are passionate about selling the toughest, most versatile hitch on the market for a long time to come.

So when the going gets tough, can you talk with who you need to about the issues you are having with your hitch? With GEN-Y, the answer is a resounding YES!

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