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MEGA-Exciting, MEGA-Duty, MEGA-Hitch!

Gen-Y Mega Duty 32K Hitch

The 2017 Ford F-350 came out in late 2016, and with it, the 3” monster receiver. Many people looked at it and said, “WOW…that’s big.” That’s along the lines of what we said, then, our entrepreneur cells kicked in and we thought, “Hey, we need to make a hitch to fit this….that tows 32,000 lbs. Lo and behold, the MEGA-Duty was born.

Now, MANY have talked to us about “reducer sleeves” and the like, and we understand that is A solution, but we think A BETTER solution is to #GetHitched with a MEGA #GenuineGenY.

Now of course, these hitches aren’t for fact, they are for a small segment of fans of ours, and we get that too, but if you are going to spend $85K on a truck, shouldn’t you have a drop hitch that keeps up with what its capabilities? I mean, you wouldn’t buy a 12 passenger van if you only had 3 people in your family with no plans to grow, right?

That being said, we are mega-excited about our mega-duty hitch. I know many of you might be asking, “Hmmm, I wonder if it comes in a 2.5” variety?” Well, let me put all wondering to rest, it does, and it is life changing. So if you have a MEGA-duty truck, that can tow MEGA weight, shouldn’t you have a MEGA hitch to keep up?

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