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Versatility is What Sets Us Apart!

Think back over your life…what REALLY sets the good things apart from the GREAT things? For instance, your cell phone. Phones that ONLY called people were a HUGE step in the right direction, but that is all they could do. Sure, you could call someone while you were on the go, which made life much easier, but there was no other purpose but that to your mobile device. If you wanted to keep a calendar, utilize GPS and call people, you needed three separate devices for a very long time. All of these devices were good, but none of them were GREAT. Why is that? They lacked versatility!

When we say that the GEN-Y Hitch is the toughest, most versatile hitch on the market, we really mean that! It is one hitch that can do the job of three. It is all you will need for all of the trailers your tow at all of their various heights. It is the smartphone of hitches, and it has already started to revolutionize an industry that has seen almost no innovation for decades. Why has it made such an impact? One word: versatility!

We hope that ten years from now when people are discussing truly great innovations, they talk about the Swiss Army Knife, the iPhone and the GEN-Y Hitch in the same paragraph. THAT is our goal…to innovate and provide a versatile product that makes your life easier! We hope that is what you think of when you see the GEN-Y brand. It is part of our mission!

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