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What “Drop” Do I Need?

Truck pulling rubber torsion class v flex hitch by Gen-Y HitchHow do I know what “drop” hitch mount I need for my vehicle? This is typically the major question and can vary depending on your trailer. Ideally, you want your trailer to sit behind your vehicle as level as possible when connected. The easiest way to figure this out is to measure the difference from the bottom of the trailer tongue (level) to the inside bottom of your hitch. The difference is the approximate drop you should try to get close to.

If you are not sure your trailer height, then 15-17″ off the ground is an average height for most trailers to use. Again, measure tow vehicle’s hitch opening. Then the appropriate drop is the difference between that and approximately 16″. Example, your vehicle measures 19.5″, then go with a 4″ drop, which gets you close to the middle between 15″ – 17″.

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