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Why people buy what they buy

What are the reasons people settle on an item to purchase? Let’s be frank; you work hard for your money and there are many options out there for almost anything that you would want to purchase. So what makes an item THE item that someone lands on? Many factors play into this, but in reality, it comes down to just a couple key items in our opinion.
Solves A Problem
Think back to your last nonemergency purchase of a large item…was it something that solved an issue for you? Maybe you kept dropping your phone, so you opted for a higher end drop proof phone case? Maybe you were buying shampoo that made your scalp dry out, so you opted for a moisturizing version? Maybe you hate sweet relish, so you went and bought dill. Anyway you look at it, you have an issue, and you want to buy things that will help you eliminate that issue or solve the problem that you are having.
Same Features, Better Price
Price is rarely the single buying issue for a person. If price was the single issue with most folks, we would all be driving low-end cars with no features, and that is simply not the case. When price does become a real key motivator though is when you are looking at very similar items, with similar features, and one is higher priced than the other. Unless there is a darn good reason (like prestige…we will talk about that later), you are more than likely going to opt for the lower price item with the same features.
Better Features, Higher Price
As stated above, not everyone looks at having the lowest price as their key buying term. Many people are not only looking for newer, better features, they are willing to pay much more to get them! If you want a high-end stereo in your truck, the factory model isn’t going to do…period.
Now we get into why Apple can charge more (and other brands of course). Sure, it could be argued that Apple has a better product than others, but when you really boil it down, Apple has a fan base that wants to have the prestige of owning Apple branded devices. Amazon has a similar feeling right now in comparison to Walmart. Would you rather have an Amazon package arrive at your door in their brown box, or a Walmart one? Some may have just answered that they didn’t have a preference, and if that is you, then prestige is not a reason you buy what you buy, but many out there just wrinkled their nose at the idea of a Walmart box arriving at their door, and it is a real problem for Walmart right now as they look to steal market share away from Amazon.
Bottom line? There are many reasons people purchase what they do, and that includes their purchase of a GEN-Y hitch.  Why do you buy what you buy? Do you resonate with these reasons above? Let us know in the comments below!
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