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Necessity is the Mother…Who is the Father?

You may have heard it said that necessity is the mother of invention, but as we all know, if there is a “mother” there is certainly a “father” as well! So just who exactly is invention’s father? At GEN-Y, we have seen that Value must exist with a necessity to provide an invention that solves the issues that people face and do it in a sustainable way.

What do we mean by Value being the father of invention? Well, when the iPhone came out many years ago, it allowed for those with scheduling issues and issues staying connected to be able to solve all of these problems with one device. If that device was cost prohibitive though, or if it was a cheaply made alternative that broke, was unreliable, or had other issues that made it not a long term solution, then the necessity alone would not be enough to birth this invention. Value provides everything you need, at a fair price. Value does not mean less expensive, it means more utility. It means that you have your issues solved in a way that allows you to fully realize the advantages and benefits of the features.

So value and necessity are the parents, and invention is the child. We see many other family members as well in the product life cycle “family tree”, but none more important than these two loving parents. It is important to note as well that, just like a parent child relationship in the real world, “birthing” is not the only job of the parents. After invention has been born and starts to develop, it is important that necessity and value continue to nurture the invention through the many cycles of its life. If the necessity changes, it needs to spur change in the invention. If value gains a new definition or changes markedly, then the invention must change as well so that the perceived value grows with the needs of the end users.

At GEN-Y Hitch, we try each and every day to listen to the “necessity” being articulated among the different industries that we serve. We also listen for what they consider to be value, and we try to use these in helping us to provide solutions to the problems that have been plaguing the hitch industry for decades! We plan to continue this practice as we grow, and hope to provide continued solutions as the needs change and provide value as technology moves forward.

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