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Striving To Say Yes!- The Torsion Flex “Skimmer” Story

21K Torsion Suspension Hitch (6" Drop) with Versa-Ball and Pintle Lock

Over the last 7 years we have been a company, we have come up with several new ideas that have come stemmed from conversations that we have had with customers (and potential customers). The main general theme has always been this though, “can I use XYZ Hitch for ABC application?”. While many times the answer for this has been yes, occasionally the answer is no, and this sends us to the design table to start figuring out a way to come up with a product that will per a yes for that application. Case in point?The “skimmer” GEN-Y 10K Torsion Flex Hitch. 

When we first introduced the torsion flex line, EVERYONE wanted to get one. From smaller quarter ton pick up trucks to the big  F350 people. The issue? Our original torsion flex hitch was meant to do it’s best work at a higher tow weight. The folks that were calling us wanted it for 5000 lbs to towing, and this hitch was not just overkill for that weight, it actually made the towing less efficient. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of people that we told “no” over the phone over the years in regards to this question. So, what did we do? We built a 10K version of the torsion flex hitch so that those folks could #GetHITCHed with a #GenuineGenY too! Not only did they want the function of the torsion flex hitch though, they wanted the “look” as well, and with the creation of “the Skimmer” they had both!

So if you have an application question, and we give you a no, don’t worry, we are probably looking at ways to make it a yes in the very near future! At GEN-Y Hitch, making out customers smile it why we come to work each and every day!

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