GH 1623 2.5 mega duty Drop Hitch

Product Description

Our Class V 2-1/2″ MEGA DUTY model, work great with 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, medium to heavy duty pickup trucks.

Will be compatible with all CLASS V, 2.5″ Receivers.

GH-1623 is  built to accommodate towing heavy loads, up to 32,000lb.

This hitch can be used to drop or raise, up to 6″ on any standard 2.5″ ID hitch receiver. Dual use applications are now easier than ever before!

The GH-1623 features:

This is a 2.5″ class V hitch (3,500 lbs. tongue weight 32,000 lbs. towing) and exceeds SAE-J684 weight testing requirements.

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