A weight-distributing hitch takes the tongue weight and transfers it from the hitch point to the axle of the trailer and the front of the truck. When it comes

to most trucks, they will have a weight limit. When you hit this limit you will need to use weight distribution to make sure that your trailer brakes are working properly and to make sure that your truck is brought back to level and that the extreme stress caused by this excessive weight is distributed appropriately!

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Click this image to see our National Sales Rep, Tracy Helmuth, explain the importance of weight distribution!

Check out this great video we found on Youtube that demonstrates this in a pretty cool way!


So when it is all said and done, a weight distribution hitch is basically just physics in action! Our National Sales Rep, Tracy Helmuth explains all of this in a recent video we shot having to do with this very subject…Check it out! (click image to the right)

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