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What exactly is a stabilizer kit and why might I need one?

So you have a lifted truck? Man those are lit 🔥…but what about the towing capacity? Your hitch is a 12″ drop, and it’s rated for 10K lbs…can it still pull 10K at the maximum drop? Well, yes…and no. Welcome to the wonderful world of hitch stabilization.

Many truck manufacturers will tell you that your hitch is fine at its towing capacity to a certain drop length..usually between 8-12″. Once you drop below that, your towing capacity is actually cut by as much as 50%! So while a 12″, 18″ or even a 22″ (Yep, we make one, lol.) drop might look amazing, it does decrease the tow rating of your vehicle unless you have a stabilizer kit. A stabilizer kit does exactly what the name says…it stabilizes! This kit ties the bottom of the drop hitch into the frame of the truck by utilizing 2 adjustable bars that can be easily removed (3 pins) if for some reason the hitch needs to be taken off.
So don’t shy away from lifting your truck, just make sure that when you #GetHitched you also #Getstabilized if you plan on dropping it like it’s hot…and make sure both are #GenuineGenY!”
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