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What exactly is “that little something special”?

One thing we strive to do at GEN-Y Hitch is give our customers more. We begin each day knowing that each and every person that we interact with is going through something in their life, and that every single person has someone that they love, someone that loves them and more than likely a problem they are either in the middle of, coming in to, or coming out of. Why do we mention all of this? We have heard it said that the companies that stand the test of time are the ones with “that little something special”…and we believe that the little something that they are referring to is empathy.
What exactly is empathy? It is the ability to look at a situation from another person’s perspective. It is the ability to feel what they are feeling even if you haven’t “been there before”. Whether that manifests itself in the form of doing all we can to help in every single situation that involves one of our products, to just listening to our dealers and customers on the phone when they are explaining what their needs are, empathy is a huge part of what we do at GEN-Y Hitch each and every day, and yes, we so feel that it is a “little something special” that you get when you work with us. When you think about it, the fact that is it “special” at all is kind of sad, because that means that many other companies don’t attempt to empathize with their internal and external companies at all!
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