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What are the different types of trailer hitches?

Everyone has heard of a trailer hitch, but few know that there are several different types. Understanding the different types of trailer hitches is crucial to ensure you have the correct hitch and are ready to tow. Trying to tow with the wrong hitch can result in disastrous consequences. If you’re unsure which hitch you should get, here’s what you need to know!

5th Wheel Hitch

A 5th wheel hitch is designed to work with a pickup truck and is installed in the middle of the bed of your truck. This hitch works with 5th wheels and large RV trailers. Since it is installed above your rear axle, it can handle large weights and is perfect for those who love to travel, as it can be easily unhooked once your travel trailer is set up at a campsite.

Bumper-Mount Hitch

This type of hitch is attached to your bumper and is generally used by those who tow boat trailers, campers, and other similar loads. While this hitch is convenient, it can only handle as much weight as your vehicle’s bumper, greatly reducing its versatility. Perfect for those who only need a hitch for one or two reasons, other hitches are more common for those who need multiple applications.

Gooseneck Hitch

A gooseneck hitch is made to work with gooseneck trailers and mounts to the bed of your truck in the same way as a 5th wheel hitch. This hitch works well with those who need a higher weight capacity, make tighter turns, or need to pull heavy loads like livestock trailers or large flatbeds.

This hitch is easily installed with a specialized kit and can be easily removed to allow access to your truck bed when the trailer is not in use.

Pintle Hitch

The pintle hitch is commonly used in the construction industry. The pintle is a hook of sorts and connects to the lunette, which is a ring attached to the trailer. Generally, this connection is used for commercial vehicles or dump trucks, as they have a higher towing capacity than a standard ball mount connection. On the downside, they tend to be much noisier than other hitch types.

Receiver Hitch

One of the most common types of trailer hitches is the standard receiver hitch. For this option, a square receiver tube is attached to the rear part of your vehicle’s frame. Then, a ball mount can be inserted into the receiver tube and fastened in place.

Ball mounts are available in several sizes and rated for different weight capacities based on a 5-class scale. Class 1 hitches are made for lighter-duty towing, whereas class 5 hitches are for heavy-duty loads.

Additionally, receiver tubes come in different sizes depending on the rating of your ball mount. However, the three most common sizes are:

  • 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″
  • 2″ x 2″
  • 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″

The heavier your hitch class, the larger your receiver tube will need to be.

While there are several different hitches available, we believe in versatility and quality. That’s why GEN-Y has worked tirelessly to create hitches that suit the needs of our customers that last for years. Browse our vast selection of hitches to find the one that works best for you for the best possible towing experience!

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