Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Class Details

Class IV Hitches

  • Designed for trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles 2″ x 2″ receiver hitch opening
  • Rated up to 12,000 lbs GTW and 1,000 TW
  • Works with all Class III and IV accessories
  • Class I and Class II (1-1/4″) hitch accessories can also be used with an adapter
  • Class IV hitch balls require a 1-1/4″ diameter shank

Class V Hitches

  • Designed for heavy-duty trucks or vans to tow larger trailers
  • 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ receiver hitch opening
  • Specially designed to handle heavy duty towing
  • With a weight distribution system you can handle up to 18,000 lbs with 1,800 lbs of tongue weight
  • Can use any class III or IV accessory with use of a reducer sleeve.

What Size Drop Hitch Do You Need?

How do I know what "drop" hitch mount I need for my vehicle? This is typically the BIG question and can vary depending on your trailer. Ideally, you want your trailer to sit behind your vehicle as level as possible when connected. The easiest way to figure this out is to measure the difference from the bottom of the trailer tongue (level) to the inside bottom of your hitch. The difference is the approximate drop you should try to get close to.

If you are not sure your trailer height, then 15-17" off the ground is an average height for most trailers to use. Again, measure tow vehicle's hitch opening. Then the appropriate drop is the difference between that and approximately 16". Example, your vehicle measures 19.5", then go with a 4" drop, that gets you close to the middle between 15" - 17".

We have developed the following chart to better help you determine what size hitch is right for you. Vehicle hitch measurements need to be taken on a level surface from the ground to the center (pin center) of the vehicle's receiver hitch.

Vehicle Hitch Height: Drop Hitch Size Needed:
22 Inches 6 Inch Drop Hitch
25 Inches 9 Inch Drop Hitch
28 Inches 12 Inch Drop Hitch
31 Inches 15 Inch Drop Hitch
34 Inches 18 Inch Drop Hitch
37 Inches 21 Inch Drop Hitch

2" Shank Adjustable Drop Hitch 10K & 16K

2" Shank Adjustable Drop Hitch (10K & 16K) Specs

2 1/2" Shank Adjustable Drop Hitch 21K & 32K

2.5" Shank Adjustable Drop Hitch (21K & 32K) Specs

2" Torsion Hitch 16K

2" Shank, 16K Adjustable Torsion Drop Hitch Specs

2 1/2" Torsion Hitch 21K

2.5" Shank, 21K Adjustable Torsion Drop Hitch Specs

1400 Series

2" Shank, 16K Adjustable Torsion Hitch Specs