It started as an idea…

GEN-Y Hitch was formed in 2011 by Carl Borkholder. At the time, Carl owned a company which provided commercial tree care services. He often became frustrated by the amount of time it took to switch out hitches for the numerous trailers and trailer heights he used with each job. As a result of this inconvenience, crews were constantly forced to make special arrangements to make sure their vehicle could pull the particular trailer necessary for a particular job. Based upon this experience, Carl began to design an adjustable tri-ball/pintle combination hitch which allowed a truck to tow multiple trailers. The result of this newly-designed and patented product was a hitch with multiple stacked receivers. Therefore, the ball mount could be adjusted to be compatible to almost any trailer height. Carl began to market the MEGA-DUTY hitch, and product demand quickly forced him to move production from his garage to a warehouse in Bremen, IN. Another impressive feature of this product, unheard of in the towing community at the time, was the weight capacity of this product. The MEGA-DUTY lived up to its name by providing towing capacities up to 32,000 lb. due to the solid steel construction of the product. A few years later, the Torsion-Flex products were born out of this initial design and added to the GEN-Y lineup. The Torsion-Flex combines the multiple stacked receiver design with a rubber bar suspension technology. One of the most impressive benefits of this design is that the product reduces the inertia between truck and trailer by up to 90%. 

In 2013, GEN-Y launched its first website which greatly aided to the company’s explosive growth. The company has also established a large following on Facebook as well as Instagram. As a result of these marketing efforts and solid word-of-mouth experience from satisfied customers, sales have sky-rocketed. The growth in demand has led Carl to continue to create designs for other GEN-Y Hitch products including the SPARTAN Torsion-Flex gooseneck coupler and the EXECUTIVE Torsion-Flex fifth wheel hitch, to name a few. In just ten years, the company has grown from one person to multiple owners, and now employs over seventy people. 


GEN-Y’s top priority is to design and manufacture products that bring value and safety to the towing/hauling industry. We take pride in the fact that all GEN-Y branded products are built 100% in the USA, right here in Northern Indiana. Customer satisfaction is taken very seriously, and we will go the extra mile to ensure that the end user has a quality product that fits their needs.

Carl Borkholder

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Dan Miller

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Jason Helmuth

Sales Manager
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Rachel Hochstetler

Western Region Sales Manager
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Donna Schmucker

Marketing Director
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Angela Pavlenko

Inside Sales
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Ashley Styers

Inside Sales / Wholesale Account Assistant
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Thomas Cole

International Sales
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Adam Yoder

Operations Manager
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Diana Katasonov

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Terri Blye

Financial Administrator/HR
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Leon Miller

Warehouse Manager
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Mike Slabaugh

Product Manager
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Kendra Hostetler

Sales Assistant Logistics Coordinator
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Heidi Helmuth

Order Coordinator
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Jordan Eisfelder

IT Manager
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