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The ultimate adjustable combo towing hitch!

Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch

Modern heavy-duty vehicles can take you almost anywhere, from the heights of natural mountain ranges to the valleys of construction excavation sites. But the farther you travel, the more important your towing equipment becomes.

Whether you plan to haul tree trimmings to the dump or your custom trailer to the site of your next adventure, you need a hitch you can rely on. At GENY Hitch, we offer the most versatile, durable, and dependable hitches available.

Our Products

When you browse for a trailer hitch for sale, you have a lot of options. We work hard to match our customers up with the hitch they need in the simplest way possible. To that end, we offer the following purchase options:

  • Adjustable and multi-trailer GENY Hitches
  • Experienced dealers in multiple states for in-person shopping
  • Hitches listed by series or class
  • Hitches listed by tongue weight or towing capacity

Find your next trailer hitch today in our hitch store. To learn more about hitch categorizations, ratings, and specifications, go to the listing for your chosen product or read through our FAQ page.

Trailer Hitch Class V adjustable Rubber Torsion Flex Hitch GH 1204

Our Reputation

The Geny Hitch brand was built specifically to satisfy the needs of adventurers, homeowners, and do-it- yourselfers just like you. In fact, our first hitch was designed to eliminate the difficulty many small business owners experience when having to connect multiple trucks to a range of trailers and equipment.

We offer high-quality products and expert advice to ensure your best possible towing experience. Need recommendations or want to ask us some questions? Find a dealer near you for one-on-one assistance or contact us today.

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