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Why Companies Fail, and Why They Succeed

Over the past several years I have observed something when looking at the most and least effective companies in the USA, and each grouping has something in common that needs to be discussed. This is far from the only thing they have in common, but this has been critical in landing them where they are now.
Why Companies Fail
Let’s look at a recent casualty in the business world, Toys R Us. In what once was the leading toy company in the world, a strange and disappointing pattern emerged, which led them down their path to bankruptcy. What was this pattern? It was the shunning of all new trends, and the inability to move successfully with the emerging technology. You see, technology scares, some, but in long term successful companies, you see them lead the change that they are uncomfortable with by hiring someone who can do it for them. Toys R Us refused to move with the eCommerce trend. They failed to move appropriately with the mobile trend. As a result, they failed as a company when these two items produced powerhouses like Amazon and Walmart.
Why Companies Succeed
We could look at Apple or Amazon, but those industry Goliaths are not what we want to hone in one today. Instead, let’s look at a lesser known company that is exploding in their growth, and on the verge of their own Goliath like stature. Dropbox, which isn’t a NEW company per se, has been doing all the right things for some time now. They have changed with the trends. They have been on the cutting edge of cloud technology since it was a hard to understand concept for, well…almost anyone who wasn’t an IT professional. They are now putting lots of capital into their global enterprise sales and channel partnerships, which is going to set them up to be even bigger as more and more companies move all of their data 100% to the cloud.
So why is it that many companies succeed, and many fail? What one strand binds them all together? It is either the lack of willingness, or the presence of willingness to adapt successfully to change. You either move with change, or you end up as a case study about what a company “should have done”.
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Time is Expensive! Spend Wisely! 

     What do time and money have in common? You can spend both! How are they different? When you spend time you can NEVER get it back! So why is it that so many people spend their time on unimportant things at the expense of the important? In Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, he discusses the quadrant principle of life, and how to make sure that you get your highest priorities done AND are able to fit in less important, leisure activities as well. If you are always spending time in the quadrant where the “unimportant but urgent” tasks live, it may very well be because you are spending too much time on unimportant and non-urgent things.
     So how will you spend your time? Leisure is a vital part of keeping us sharp each day. Leisure activities, no matter what they are, make us better when done in moderation. However, just like we often see, when ANYTHING is done to the extreme, it becomes detrimental. Did you know that drinking too much water can kill you? So can too much exercise, and yet NO ONE would advocate eliminating those things entirely.
     At GEN-Y Hitch, we believe in balance. Whether it be in our own lives or our employees, we think each person should spend their days on the most important things…to be the best person they can be. This means the best husband or wife, mother or father, son or daughter, and yes, employee.
     So make sure that you are spending your time wisely. You can’t get it back, and you can’t earn more of it either. It is a finite resource and the most valuable thing any of us own!
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3 Reasons Your Light Duty Truck Needs Our 10K Torsion Hitch, “The Skimmer”

Our proprietary torsion hitch has been a big seller in the medium and heavy-duty truck markets, but we haven’t had an option for light-duty truck owners…until now! In 1st Quarter 2018, we will be releasing a 10K GEN-Y Torsion Hitch for light-duty trucks, a hitch we have named the “Skimmer”, and we think you are not just going to want it…we think it will change the face of how light-duty truck owners view towing! Here are 3 reasons why!
1. Towing wear you down, and it WILL wear your vehicle down…our torsion hitch will help! 
It is a fact that if you tow, your vehicle will take a beating, but with our torsion system, that no longer has to be the case! Up to 90% of the inertia between truck and trailer is mitigated, and that means you no longer have to feel the brunt of that force…and neither do your passengers…or cargo!
2. It works AND looks AMAZING
All GEN-Y hitches have a certain “look” to them that people have come to love. This smaller version of our torsion hitch will have the same look, AND the same amazing rugged toughness that makes people stop and take notice! Also, all of our torsion hitches come equipped with a tongue weight scale, helping you ensure that your trailer load is distributed evenly giving you peace of mind along with a great towing experience!
3. Your tires and wallet will thank you!
It just can’t be said enough…towing can be rough on your body and your cargo!  A GEN-Y Hitch is meant to take the brunt of this force off of you and your cargo/truck/passengers, and in the process take wear off your ties and give you better gas mileage.
So get excited! Our light-duty torsion is coming the 1st quarter of next year, and towing for light-duty truck owners will NEVER be the same! We will let you know as soon as the Skimmer is available for you to purchase!
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Are you client-centric, or you-centric? You may be surprised!

Over the last several years it has been really amazing to have the chance to implement what has been learned from those around us. This company has allowed us the opportunity to chat with business leaders, both local and national. What we’ve seen is this; not everyone who thinks they are focused on their customers actually is! Here are 4 questions that we ask ourselves at GEN-Y that have enabled us to constantly be evaluating whether or not our stakeholders are being given the service they deserve! 

  1. Are we resting on past laurels, or are we making our clients day EVERY day?
  2. When we say no to a client, are we offering a solution, or just putting up a wall?
  3. Are we keeping in mind that everyone has had situations and interactions before we speak with them, and those have shaped their mindset and attitude, and then treating them with the grace that we would like to have offered to us?
  4. Are we attempting to make every situation fit into a cookie cutter mold, or are we looking at the circumstances and adjusting our mindset and policy to create a wow experience for our customers and dealers? 

You see, it isn’t just about a one time “good deed” in today’s world. To build loyalty to your brand, you must be constantly keeping your valuable clients’ needs at the center of what you do, because without them, you’re simply selling a product, not building a company.

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Necessity is the Mother…Who is the Father?

You may have heard it said that necessity is the mother of invention, but as we all know, if there is a “mother” there is certainly a “father” as well! So just who exactly is invention’s father? At GEN-Y, we have seen that Value must exist with a necessity to provide an invention that solves the issues that people face and do it in a sustainable way.

What do we mean by Value being the father of invention? Well, when the iPhone came out many years ago, it allowed for those with scheduling issues and issues staying connected to be able to solve all of these problems with one device. If that device was cost prohibitive though, or if it was a cheaply made alternative that broke, was unreliable, or had other issues that made it not a long term solution, then the necessity alone would not be enough to birth this invention. Value provides everything you need, at a fair price. Value does not mean less expensive, it means more utility. It means that you have your issues solved in a way that allows you to fully realize the advantages and benefits of the features.

So value and necessity are the parents, and invention is the child. We see many other family members as well in the product life cycle “family tree”, but none more important than these two loving parents. It is important to note as well that, just like a parent child relationship in the real world, “birthing” is not the only job of the parents. After invention has been born and starts to develop, it is important that necessity and value continue to nurture the invention through the many cycles of its life. If the necessity changes, it needs to spur change in the invention. If value gains a new definition or changes markedly, then the invention must change as well so that the perceived value grows with the needs of the end users.

At GEN-Y Hitch, we try each and every day to listen to the “necessity” being articulated among the different industries that we serve. We also listen for what they consider to be value, and we try to use these in helping us to provide solutions to the problems that have been plaguing the hitch industry for decades! We plan to continue this practice as we grow, and hope to provide continued solutions as the needs change and provide value as technology moves forward.

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What exactly is a stabilizer kit and why might I need one? 

So you have a lifted truck? Man those are lit 🔥…but what about the towing capacity? Your hitch is a 12″ drop, and it’s rated for 10K lbs…can it still pull 10K at the maximum drop? Well, yes…and no. Welcome to the wonderful world of hitch stabilization.

Many truck manufacturers will tell you that your hitch is fine at its towing capacity to a certain drop length..usually between 8-12″. Once you drop below that, your towing capacity is actually cut by as much as 50%! So while a 12″, 18″ or even a 22″ (Yep, we make one, lol.) drop might look amazing, it does decrease the tow rating of your vehicle unless you have a stabilizer kit. A stabilizer kit does exactly what the name says…it stabilizes! This kit ties the bottom of the drop hitch into the frame of the truck by utilizing 2 adjustable bars that can be easily removed (3 pins) if for some reason the hitch needs to be taken off.
So don’t shy away from lifting your truck, just make sure that when you #GetHitched you also #Getstabilized if you plan on dropping it like it’s hot…and make sure both are #GenuineGenY!”
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4 Things You Won’t Say After You “Get Hitched”!

Gen-Y Logo Slider
Today we look at things you won’t say after you #GetHitched. We think you will agree if you have a #GenuineGenY, and if you don’t, we think this will give you some great motivation to #GetHItched today!
1. “Man, I wish I had a higher towing capacity!”
We have the highest towing capacities on the drop hitch market! We also have a huge spectrum of towing capacities..10K, 16K, 21K and yes, even 32K towing capacity! If you need to tow it, we more than likely have a solution for you!
2. “Wow, there is a TON of jostling as we tow this trailer!”
Our torsion hitch mitigates up to 90% of the back and forth inertia between your truck and trailer, and our brand new GEN-Y Gooseneck Torsion Surge Coupler mitigates up to 90% of ALL inertia between truck and trailer. What does that mean for you? Well, as one of our satisfied customers, Mark Monroe told us once, “you will be looking back every now and then just to make sure that your trailer is still there!” It is a smooth ride for you, your truck and trailer and your cargo!
3. “I am SOOO upset I spent this money on getting a Genuine Gen-Y drop hitch!”
We hear lots of feedback from our customers. Sometimes folks need to get a different drop height, and sometimes we hear before they buy that it’s a bit more money than they anticipated spending on their hitch solution, but guess what we have never heard? ANY complaints about price after they get their hitch! It really is true that the thrill of quality lasts MUCH longer than the feeling you get when you spend the money, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you do have buyers remorse, we will work to help you in any way we are able!
4. “My mail delivery person LOVES me!”
Ok, so this one is a bit of a joke, lol. We love our mail delivery person, and we love our UPS man, but sometimes we have heard that picking up at our place can be a bit cumbersome on our delivery person’s back. Our hitches aren’t light, but they are beefy and they do the job better than any other drop hitch on the market. Make sure and thank your delivery person with a plate of cookies after they bring you your #GenuineGenY, and you should be just fine.
So there you go, 4 things you simply will not say after you #GetHitched! My only question is, why are you still reading? Head over to and #GetHitched with a #GenuineGenY right now!
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The Advantage of Torsion in a Gooseneck Surge Coupler

Advances through the years in many industries have made tedious tasks bearable, dangerous tasks safer and costly tasks less expensive. In the towing industry, gooseneck and fifth wheel towing has had few changes in the last 20 years, but the addition of torsion to the gooseneck surge coupler may be the best thing to hit this sector of the industry in decades.

The Torsion Gooseneck Surge Coupler takes advantage of the amazing power of torsion to mitigate up to 90% of the inertia between truck and trailer. This leaves not just the cargo or the trailer less banged up, but the truck and the driver/passenger as well.

GEN-Y Hitch President Carl Borkholder explains,

“We have brought the power of torsion to the drop hitch world, and we knew that the gooseneck coupler could also benefit right at the beginning…we are happy to be able to bring this product to market as we know the immense benefits it will provide all who utilize gooseneck in their everyday work.”

The Torsion Gooseneck Surge Coupler is equipped to handle 5000 lbs of tongue weight and 25,000 lbs towing and starts at $899.99 on the GEN-Y Hitch website. As they are quite fond of saying at GEN-Y Hitch, it might possibly be time for you to #GetHitched with a #GenuineGenY Gooseneck Surge Coupler! You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram as well as one of their over 160 dealers across the USA as well as in Australia and Canada.

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Why people buy what they buy

What are the reasons people settle on an item to purchase? Let’s be frank; you work hard for your money and there are many options out there for almost anything that you would want to purchase. So what makes an item THE item that someone lands on? Many factors play into this, but in reality, it comes down to just a couple key items in our opinion.
Solves A Problem
Think back to your last nonemergency purchase of a large item…was it something that solved an issue for you? Maybe you kept dropping your phone, so you opted for a higher end drop proof phone case? Maybe you were buying shampoo that made your scalp dry out, so you opted for a moisturizing version? Maybe you hate sweet relish, so you went and bought dill. Anyway you look at it, you have an issue, and you want to buy things that will help you eliminate that issue or solve the problem that you are having.
Same Features, Better Price
Price is rarely the single buying issue for a person. If price was the single issue with most folks, we would all be driving low-end cars with no features, and that is simply not the case. When price does become a real key motivator though is when you are looking at very similar items, with similar features, and one is higher priced than the other. Unless there is a darn good reason (like prestige…we will talk about that later), you are more than likely going to opt for the lower price item with the same features.
Better Features, Higher Price
As stated above, not everyone looks at having the lowest price as their key buying term. Many people are not only looking for newer, better features, they are willing to pay much more to get them! If you want a high-end stereo in your truck, the factory model isn’t going to do…period.
Now we get into why Apple can charge more (and other brands of course). Sure, it could be argued that Apple has a better product than others, but when you really boil it down, Apple has a fan base that wants to have the prestige of owning Apple branded devices. Amazon has a similar feeling right now in comparison to Walmart. Would you rather have an Amazon package arrive at your door in their brown box, or a Walmart one? Some may have just answered that they didn’t have a preference, and if that is you, then prestige is not a reason you buy what you buy, but many out there just wrinkled their nose at the idea of a Walmart box arriving at their door, and it is a real problem for Walmart right now as they look to steal market share away from Amazon.
Bottom line? There are many reasons people purchase what they do, and that includes their purchase of a GEN-Y hitch.  Why do you buy what you buy? Do you resonate with these reasons above? Let us know in the comments below!
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At GEN-Y, we want you to have MORE!

Many companies focus on the word MORE. While we think that more options and more service are both good things, at GEN-Y Hitch, we look at “more” a little differently! Let me explain!

Make our customers day, every day!

It isn’t enough to come to work on Monday and make a few of our customers days! At GEN-Y Hitch we want to be constantly striving to do our best to make each interaction we have with people the highlight of their day..not just another interaction! 

Only say no if you also can say yes!

If we have to say no to something our customers want or need, we also want to come to the table with a “yes” that we can do to meet our customers where they are. We may not always be able to do what a customer wants as a business and stay in business, but we can always come up with a happy medium where this is a win-win for all involved!

Realize that everyone has situations that they are dealing with every day!

When we talk to a customer that is irritated or upset, we keep in mind that we have no idea what that customer has gone through that day/week/month! We strive to empathize each day with each customer to attempt to let them know that we care about them!

Each situation is different! Having a policy in place doesn’t mean that service has to go out the window!

Policies and procedures are great, but they cannot run have to run them! A policy is a guide, and there are exceptions that come up! We strive each day to use our policies as a guide but not as 100% set in stone. 

We hope that you all will see this in every interaction you have with us, and we ask you to hold us accountable as we strive to be “MORE” for you!