MORE with GEN-Y!

More than just another product…it’s a statement!

Many companies focus on the word MORE. While we think that more options and more service are both good things, at GEN-Y Hitch, we look at “more” a little differently! Let me explain!

Make our customers’ day, every day!

It isn’t enough to come to work on Monday and make a few of our customers’ days! At GEN-Y Hitch we want to be constantly striving to do our best to make each interaction we have with people the highlight of their day..not just another interaction!

Only say no if you also can say yes!

If we have to say no to something our customers want or need, we also want to come to the table with a “yes” that we can do to meet our customers where they are. We may not always be able to do what a customer wants as a business and stay in business, but we can always come up with a happy medium where this is a win-win for all involved!

Realize that everyone has situations that they are dealing with every day!

When we talk to a customer that is irritated or upset, we keep in mind that we have no idea what that customer has gone through that day/week/month! We strive to empathize each day with each customer to attempt to let them know that we care about them!

Each situation is different! Having a policy in place doesn’t mean that service has to go out the window!

Policies and procedures are great, but they cannot run have to run them! A policy is a guide, and there are exceptions that come up! We strive each day to use our policies as a guide but not as 100% set in stone.

We hope that you all will see this in every interaction you have with us, and we ask you to hold us accountable as we strive to be “MORE” for you!

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