The Glyder (Torsion-Flex) Ball Mount (2" Shank)

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Smoothest Ride Achieved at 400 – 700 lbs. Tongue Weight
  • Built-In Suspension Creates Up to 90% Smoother Ride
  • Shock Absorption Protects Cargo from Harsh Bumps
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use

Glyder Ball Attachment


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Applies ONLY to the drop hitch, not the ball mount and pintle lock.
Lead time 6-8 weeks for custom colors.
Please call (574) 218-6363 if you want an attachment powder coated.

“Hands down the highest quality hitch on the market! American made, best ride quality, adjustability, & just plain safe! Thanks GEN-Y!”

About This Product

The Glyder (Torsion-Flex) Ball Mount is a lightweight product that offers several benefits to its users. What really sets this product apart is its use of GEN Y’s patented TORSION-FLEX technology. This technology allows the truck and trailer to glide down the road eliminating the jarring and shock transfer of a standard 2” ball mount. 

The Glyder helps provide one of the smoothest and safest towing experiences available. Whether you’re towing lightweight campers, teardrop trailers, small landscape trailers, or even boats, this hitch will get you where you need to go while keeping you and your cargo safe and sound!

Geared toward the lighter towing market, the Glyder is an affordable and quality hitch. There are also many attachments available for our product, meaning the possibilities are endless! Our attachments include 2″, 2 5/16″, and 1 7/8″ single ball mounts and an adjustable ball platform.

Note: It is not recommended to use this product with stacked tube GEN-Y receiver hitches due to extended length and stress on the truck receiver.

Benefits Of The Glyder Ball Mount

  • Fabricated with Heavy – Duty Steel
  • Maintenance Free
  • Reduces Trailer and Content Fatigue
  • Eliminates Most Surging, Bucking, and Chucking
  • Increases the Life of the Truck and Trailer Electronics
  • Increases Ride Quality
  • Improves Overall Safety
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Engineered using SOLIDWORKS software
  • Protected under Patent # US9505281B1, USD773345S1, USD9868327B1
  • 5 Year Warranty on All Moving Parts
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Rest of Components
  • Made in the USA

Product Features:

NOT recommended to be used in the rise position!

Note: It is important to be within the optimal Tongue/Pin weight specified for each model number!

Tow capacity is limited by the lowest-rated component.

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Hitch Options

Glyder Torsion-Flex x/Bolt-On 6" Drop, Glyder Torsion-Flex Ball Mount, 2" drop

11 reviews for The Glyder (Torsion-Flex) Ball Mount (2″ Shank)

  1. Edmund Lewandowski (verified owner)

    I just installed the glider with weight distribution. All I can say is WOW! Not only did it perform like they said it would, it also took out 90% of the sway. No more white nuckles. Best investment I’ve made for safer towing hands down. Thanks GEN-Y Hitch for making a rock solid product at an affordable price.

  2. Dean Altman

    I bought the 6” drop and my first impression on opening the box was “holy cow, this thing is huge”, and I mean that in a good way. I have seen many hitches that have a higher weight rating that are no where near as beefy as this hitch. Again, I mean that in a good way. I’ve only used this once so far pulling a 16ft tandem axle flatbed. Both on the highway and a mile long road so bad it has more horse traffic than vehicle traffic and with sections you can only go 5mph if you don’t want parts of your truck falling off. A perfect test for a hitch like this. So what’s the verdict? This hitch likes weight. When pulling empty there was a slight bit of difference but after loading about 2,200 lbs on the trailer there was a significant amount of damping. Worked excellent then. The more weight on the trailer the better the hitch works. Overall an excellent super stout hitch you can have confidence in. Oh btw, it also looks really good. The powder coating looks great and didn’t have a single flaw.

  3. timothy tallman

    Got this as a gift, tried to raise the 6″ drop & rise but the threads are stripped out.

    So never even got it hooked up yet.

    Some engineer needs to be told stop putting threads in the metal.

    • Ashley Griffee

      Timothy, we sent you a text message back regarding this issue. We would be more than happy to swap this unit out for you!

  4. Allan Crone Klinck

    Love it! We towed a medium loaded (1200 pounds) Uhaul trailer 1500 miles with a small SUV using this wonder hitch.
    The ride with 120 Lbs tongue weight was surprisingly smooth; we highly recommend both the company, the sales experience, and the wonder hitch to anyone – it should be standard on all SUVs.

  5. Kirk

    Picked one up from Amazon. With an empty 1700 lb trailer I could feel the bumps not being as sharp in the truck.

    I put a tractor that brought the trailer up to about 5300 lbs on. The hitch makes a huge difference. Looking in the mirrors I could see the trailer moving independently of the truck. There was very little feedback (bouncing) felt compared to a solid hitch in the truck.

    Does exactly what they claim as far as I can tell.

    Truck- 2021 F-150 with tow package & heavy payload package.

  6. Keith Doyle

    I just tried my new Glyder hitch this past weekend . I can not say enough good things about this system . I pull a 7×14 cargo trailer on a 3 foot long super truss with an Artic Fox truck camper in the bed . On bumpy roads the truck and trailer pitched up and down a lot, sometimes to the point of white knuckles lol. The Glyder took away about 90% of the pitching. Even my wife in the passenger seat kept telling me the ride was amazing . I can not recommend one of their torsional set ups enough . Very high quality , great finish . Do yourself and your truck a favor and get one . Thank you all at Gen Y for such an amazing product.

  7. Sid (verified owner)

    Hands down the best hitch I’ve ever bought

    • Ashley Griffee

      Thank you for this feedback, Sid! We love that you’re loving your GLYDER!

  8. Nick Sherwood

    How much weight is it actually rated for

    • Ashley Griffee

      Nick, this is rated for 7,000 LBS overall and 700 LBS of tongue weight!

  9. Tim Piumarta

    I acquired a GH-12001 hitch when I just bought a lightly used 16″ travel trailer. Brought the trailer home to Northern CA from Phoenix, AZ across the desert interstate, across the LA basin and it’s freeways under construction, and up Hwy 101 to nor cal Smooth as silk towing. Love this thing. Wish Gen-y and Etrailer would have posted ball flange mounting hole dimensions though. I bought a GH-12010 6″ drop replacement ball flange just in case the OEM 2″ drop was not enough for my Ford F150 and Curt hitch. I would have saved time and embarrassment of trying to mount the 6″ drop on the GH-12001, only to find they are different hole patterns. Other than that, I really like this product.

    • Ashley Griffee

      Thank you for letting us know how our GLYDER handled these rougher roads for you! We will work on getting these dimensions listed. We’re glad you had a smoother ride with our TORSION-FLEX hitch!

  10. Robert Matthews

    Bought this last year to tow my boat unfortunately I’m going to have to sell it it and go with some sort of raised hitch as it is not towing the trailer level other than that the quality of this product is great.

    • Ashley Griffee

      We’re glad you enjoyed your GLYDER while you used it, Robert! If you email our Sales Team at [email protected], they can help you pick out a TORSION-FLEX product that will give you the rise you need!

  11. Spencer

    I bought this for my enclosed trailer before a long road trip. It made all the difference in the world. Without the gen-y hitch you could feel every single bump. The ride quality was awful. Best investment I have made!

    • Ashley Styers

      Spencer, we are so happy to hear you’re loving your GLYDER! We’re so glad you’re feeling the benefits of the TORSION-FLEX technology built in the hitch!

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