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Pulling Double Duty With A GEN-Y Hitch

The market is saturated with hitches, and many of them are quality. Unfortunately, many quality hitches are made for a specific purpose in mind. This means that for people who pull double duty and use their truck for both work and personal use, they may need to purchase multiple hitches depending on their needs. Hitches can be expensive, and having to buy several hitches for multiple applications will quickly add up. Thankfully, GEN-Y hitch has you covered. With a GEN-Y hitch, you can easily pull double duty as they are made with both commercial and personal applications in mind. Here’s what you need to know about a GEN-Y hitch!

What makes GEN-Y hitches so versatile?

One of the reasons that GEN-Y hitches are so versatile is that our fully adjustable drop hitches can be moved to any height necessary to match your trailer (or anything else you’re towing). This makes them the best hitch for ultimate control and safety while towing any bumper-style trailer on the market, including pintle-style couplings. 

The versatility of a GEN-Y hitch is only one of the benefits for those pulling double duty. Our patented TORSION-FLEX technology is an innovative design that offers features such as:

  • Protect cargo from harsh bumps
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Decrease inertia between trailer and truck for up to a 90% smoother ride
  • Reduced wear on your tires
  • Reduced wear on your vehicle and trailer
  • Better control in harsh weather conditions
  • And much more!

However, the versatility of a GEN-Y hitch truly shines when being used for both commercial and personal applications. 

Commercial Applications

For those who use their trucks for lighter-duty towing, such as landscapers, delivery services, or contractors, The REBEL hitch is a great option. Not only is this hitch affordable, but it is compatible with  ½ ton trucks and SUVs. Since it’s built with an innovative stacked tube design, customers can adjust the ball mount up or down in order to achieve the right amount of drop every time, making it perfect for various uses. 

Personal Application

The Mega Duty Drop Hitch is a great option for those who want a hitch geared slightly more towards personal use, although all hitches can be used for both purposes. This fully adjustable hitch is available in 10k, 16k, 21k, and 32k towing capacities. This hitch focuses primarily on safety and is a great option for serious outdoorsmen such as boaters and off-roaders. As an added bonus, this hitch is compatible with almost any bicycle rack, cargo rack, motorcycle carrier, etc.

Why GEN-Y is the Only Hitch You Need

Not only are GEN-Y hitches built to last, but they’re the only hitch you’ll ever need. Since they are made with TORSION-FLEX technology, are fully adjustable drop hitches, and are made to be used in several applications, you can’t go wrong and are guaranteed to experience benefits no matter what you use them for! If you use your truck for both work and personal use, get a GEN-Y hitch and rest easy, knowing that you have the only hitch you’ll ever need!

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