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Striving To Say Yes!- The Torsion Flex “Skimmer” Story

21K Torsion Suspension Hitch (6" Drop) with Versa-Ball and Pintle Lock

Over the last 7 years we have been a company, we have come up with several new ideas that have come stemmed from conversations that we have had with customers (and potential customers). The main general theme has always been this though, “can I use XYZ Hitch for ABC application?”. While many times the answer for this has been yes, occasionally the answer is no, and this sends us to the design table to start figuring out a way to come up with a product that will per a yes for that application. Case in point?The “skimmer” GEN-Y 10K Torsion Flex Hitch. 

When we first introduced the torsion flex line, EVERYONE wanted to get one. From smaller quarter ton pick up trucks to the big  F350 people. The issue? Our original torsion flex hitch was meant to do it’s best work at a higher tow weight. The folks that were calling us wanted it for 5000 lbs to towing, and this hitch was not just overkill for that weight, it actually made the towing less efficient. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of people that we told “no” over the phone over the years in regards to this question. So, what did we do? We built a 10K version of the torsion flex hitch so that those folks could #GetHITCHed with a #GenuineGenY too! Not only did they want the function of the torsion flex hitch though, they wanted the “look” as well, and with the creation of “the Skimmer” they had both!

So if you have an application question, and we give you a no, don’t worry, we are probably looking at ways to make it a yes in the very near future! At GEN-Y Hitch, making out customers smile it why we come to work each and every day!

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3 Things A GEN-Y Hitch Can Save You

save money and get hitched with GENY
In today’s article we will discuss three things that a GEN-Y Hitch can save you. SPOILER ALERT: If you lift it by yourself, or lift it the wrong way, a back injury is NOT one of these things!
1. Minutes
Why should this excite you do you ask? Well, if you add minutes up every day of the year, it equals hours. If you start adding those hours up, it will get to days! The minutes per day that the GEN-Y saves you when it comes to changing drop lengths is amazing when you look at it over the scope of several years!
2. Major Damage
The inertia mitigation that happens when using a GEN-Y torsion hitch is not just game changing…it is a new game altogether! Up to 90% of the inertia is mitigated between truck and trailer by the torsion hitch, and that means less damage to cargo, your trailer, your truck, and YOU!

3. Money

We all know what a “drag” (pun intended) towing something that is heavy can be on your gas budget, but what if the hitch did most of the heavy lifting? That is what you get with the GEN-Y! Not only is it better on your gas mileage (truck is working less hard, so less power is needed), but it is better on your tire tread too, meaning you have to replace those HUGE F-350 tires less often. Heck, after saving you one tire change, the hitch has practically paid for itself!
So if you are in the mood to save, then GEN-Y is the hitch for you. If you’d rather spend more time and money, then GEN-Y won’t fit your needs. You can check out our amazing drop hitches at