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How important are hitch accessories?

Trailer hitches are an excellent addition to any vehicle. Being able to hook up a trailer and tow around heavy loads is useful in several different scenarios. But is a hitch enough to get the job done? You’ve probably seen ads for hitch accessories, but how important are they? Knowing which accessories will enhance your towing experience and which products are simply unnecessary is difficult. So how important are hitch accessories, and which ones should you get? Here’s what you need to know.

Common Hitch Accessories

When considering the importance of hitch accessories, it’s necessary to look at several different products and identify what they do. Once you’re familiar with some common hitch accessories, you’ll have a better idea of which accessories will benefit you, as well as which options are simply unneeded. Here are a few common hitch accessories.

Reducer Sleeve

A reducer sleeve works as an adapter of sorts, allowing you to switch out hitch balls without having to switch out your entire hitch assembly. This is an excellent accessory for those who tow multiple trailers and regularly need to utilize different size ball mounts.

Hitch Step

Perfect for those who want to protect the look of their truck, hitch steps are accessories that provide a foothold when gaining access to the truck bed, SUV trunk, or roof rack of your vehicle. This is optimal as it helps you avoid stepping on the bumper of your vehicle, which can damage it. Furthermore, a serrated hitch step, like those at GEN-Y Hitch, offers more traction than a bumper, keeping you from slipping or falling.

Weight-Distribution Shank

This accessory is beneficial in that it allows you to adjust the height of your weight distribution system. A weight-distribution shank ensures that your tow vehicle and trailer are aligned correctly. Without proper alignment, your vehicle’s towing weight may be too hitch or too low, providing less control on the road and increasing your chances of an accident.

Mounting Plate

A pintle mounting plate is a wonderful hitch accessory that converts regular receivers so they can be used with pintle-type trailers. This allows your hitch to become even more diverse in that you don’t need to purchase separate products. You can simply adapt your current receiver to your needs.

Hitch Extender

When towing, some vehicles have a hard time staying clear of your towing kit, causing them to bump into each other during use. Hitch extenders keep this from happening by extending your hitch further away from your vehicle. However, it’s important to note that this will increase the leverage on your hitch, therefore decreasing your overall towing capacity by up to 50%.

How important are hitch accessories?

There are many different hitch accessories, each with its own purpose. Determining their importance depends entirely on your individual needs. If you regularly need to switch out hitches for different trailers, then a simple adapter could be a game changer. If you’re tired of scuffing your bumper with your boots, then a hitch step would be an awesome addition to your vehicle.

Consider browsing GEN-Y’s selection of hitch accessories to find products that work for you. Don’t settle for a less than stellar towing experience when a simple hitch accessory could make a world of difference!

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