How to Clean a Rusted Trailer Hitch

A rusted trailer hitch can be especially dangerous on the road. Over time, as your hitch is exposed to the elements, it can develop rust which can eat into the steel and cause irreparable damage. Thankfully, some routine maintenance is enough to help knock off the rust and keep more from building on the surface of your hitch. Here’s how to clean a rusted trailer hitch!

Cleaning a Rusted Trailer Hitch

Cleaning your trailer hitch is a simple process that will elongate its lifespan and keep it working optimally. If your ball mount is only slightly rusty, take some vinegar and coat your hitch generously. Then, ball up some aluminum foil and begin scrubbing the hitch ball. This will scrape off any rust and polish the material underneath.

If your hitch is too rusty, you may need to use a stronger brush such as steel wool or a wire brush. You may also need to use a stronger solution to help eat into and take off the rust.

If you can’t remove all of the rust on your hitch, do not use it. The rust may have eaten too far into the metal and caused structural damage you can’t see. If this is the case, your hitch may fail when under stress, causing your trailer to break free and crash. The best way to keep this from happening is by taking preventative measures against rust.

Preventing Your Trailer Hitch From Rusting

There are several steps you can take to help prevent rust from building up on your hitch. One of the easiest ways is to use a hitch cover to prevent water, dirt, and other debris from getting into your receiver opening. Additionally, remove your ball mount when it isn’t in use. This will help keep it out of corrosive weather and protect its integrity.

Furthermore, be sure to wipe off and clean your receiver and ball mount after each use. This will prevent unnecessary build-up of gunk and other corrosives.

Investing in a Quality Trailer Hitch

Removing your hitch after each use can be tedious. You can avoid extra proactive maintenance by investing in a quality hitch that needs less attention. This is especially beneficial for those who regularly tow, whether you use your hitch for work or simply take your boat to the lake on the weekends.

If you’re looking for a quality hitch, consider our BOSS TORSION-FLEX hitches. This series of hitches is coated with a durable silver-vein powder coat, which will help protect the heavy-duty steel underneath and keep it from rusting for years.

Don’t get caught having to replace your hitch every couple of years. Investing in a quality hitch like those at GEN-Y Hitch will save you money over time and offer you peace of mind that your hitch won’t fail you in transit.

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