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How To Reduce Trailer Sway While Towing

If you’ve ever hauled a trailer of heavy load, you’ve probably experienced trailer sway. Not only can this be scary for inexperienced towers, but it can also be dangerous to other drivers on the road. Trailer sway can easily lead to a loss of control, potentially causing an accident. Thankfully, there are a few easy tips you can follow that will help you reduce trailer sway while towing. Here’s what you need to know!

What Causes Trailer Sway?

Trailer sway can be caused by several different factors. Understanding these factors will potentially help you reduce them or avoid them altogether. Here are a few different causes of trailer sway to be mindful of.

Balance Issues – If your trailer is loaded with everything heavy on one side it can lead to sway. 

Heavy Wind – While sometimes avoidable, there are times when you’ll be on a strict schedule and forced to drive through rough weather. During these times, heavy winds can cause a lot of trailer sway as they continuously push against the side of your trailer. 

While trailer sway can be dangerous, it is possible to avoid it by following a few tips.

How To Avoid Trailer Sway

Trailer sway is often avoidable. Whether it is a result of balance issues or high winds, you can be prepared. Balance issues are a common cause of trailer sway but are almost always avoidable. A good rule of thumb is to place about 12-15% of the weight closer to the front to help ensure that your tow vehicle’s rear wheels have enough traction.

Furthermore, try to schedule your towing during nice weather rather than during any storms or heavy winds. If you must drive through poor weather, be mindful of flatlands. Winds are likely to pick up when driving out of mountain passes or leaving a city.

How To Reduce Trailer Sway

While you can take steps to avoid a certain level of trailer sway, not all of it can be avoided completely. Whether you’re towing an awkward load that throws the trailer off balance, or you’re forced to drive through bad weather, you’re going to run into bad conditions at some point. 

However, there are steps you can to reduce trailer sway, preserving the integrity of your towing experience. One of the best ways to reduce trailer sway is to invest in a quality hitch, such as those produced by GEN Y. Our use of Torsion-Flex technology serves to reduce dangerous factors such as trailer-sway while offering a safe and enjoyable towing experience among other benefits.

Whether you’re preparing for your first towing experience or you’ve been hauling for years, choosing the right hitch is one of the best decisions you can make to protect yourself and any goods you be may be towing. Don’t hesitate, order your GEN Y hitch today!

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