Executive 5th Wheel King Pin Replacement w/ Auto Latch Gooseneck Coupler
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5th Wheel Pin Box Replacement with Gooseneck Coupler (Auto Latch Coupler & Cable)

(6 customer reviews)
Smoothest Ride Achieved at Specified Tongue Weight Range
  • Built-In Suspension Creates Up to 90% Smoother Ride
  • Protects Cargo from Harsh Bumps
  • Increases Fuel Economy

How to Determine Which EXECUTIVE You Need

GH-8000 Filler Shim Set Required For Bolt Pattern B on Spec Sheet 

Add Lifetime Warranty


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“Hands down the highest quality hitch on the market! American made, best ride quality, adjustability, & just plain safe! Thanks GEN-Y!”

Protected under Patents – US D873723S US10633039B2

HOW TO unlatch the auto-latch coupler with one person:

The EXECUTIVE Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck pin box allows the user to hook a Fifth Wheel RV to the truck with a gooseneck ball. This technology eliminates the bulky Fifth Wheel from the back of the truck so the user can have full use of the bed when not towing the camper trailer. 

This Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel conversion pin box also eliminates the additional costs of buying and installing a fifth wheel hitch for anyone who already has a gooseneck ball. One of the biggest perks of this product is its use of GEN-Y’s Torsion-Flex Technology!

Torsion-Flex Technology provides one of the smoothest and safest towing experiences you’ll ever experience. Benefits of this technology include:

  • Increased Cargo Protection
  • Possible Increased Fuel Economy
  • Reduced tire wear on truck and trailer
  • Reduced Shock Transfer
  • Smoother Ride
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

You won’t find a better option for your gooseneck to fifth wheel hitch conversion.

(NOTE: The Rhino Box model Executive does NOT require Shim Plates)

Product Features

  • Auto-Latch coupler with Cable Release Included
  • Up to 25K Towing Capacity and 6.5K Pin Weight
  • Maintenance Free
  • Durable Silver Vein Powder Coat Finish
  • Engineered using SOLIDWORKS software
  • 5 Year Warranty on All Moving Parts
  • Lifetime Guarantee on All Remaining Components
  • Please Note: It is important to be within the optimal Tongue/Pin weight specified for each model number!

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. But when it comes to Gooseneck to fifth wheel conversion, look no further than The EXECUTIVE Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck pin box. 

All GEN-Y products are rigorously tested and exceed the SAE-J684 Weight Testing Requirements. Never exceed recommended capacity on any trailer tow coupling or vehicle receiver hitch.

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Dimensions N/A
Towing Capacity

2.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, 3.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, 4.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, 5.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, 6.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, (LCI Rhino Box) 2.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, (LCI Rhino Box) 3.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, (LCI Rhino Box) 4.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, (LCI Rhino Box) 5.5K Hitch/Pin Weight, (LCI Rhino Box) 6.5K Hitch/Pin Weight

6 reviews for 5th Wheel Pin Box Replacement with Gooseneck Coupler (Auto Latch Coupler & Cable)

  1. Jay Spencer

    Great product! Ride was smooth and looks built strong. Highly recommend not only the hitch but the company. Felt like I was dealing with a small local shop which is great!

  2. Jim

    The only issue I have with this system is the cable is about a foot too short but not a big deal at all. This system keeps the box free when not hooked to the rv and on rough/gravel roads the rv doesn’t bounce the truck around. I very much like this system. It’s very easy to install



  4. SEAN WINEMILLER (verified owner)

    Purchased a 3.5 pin weight gen y executive and realized I got the wrong one. So working with Ashley she made everything right by getting me a return and getting the right one delivered. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the customer service and let alone the quality of this gen y. Im so excited to get on the road. I highly recommend to anyone!

  5. Richard O (verified owner)

    I purchased the executive pin box, and installed it. Super simple, it was an exact fit. I’d suggest sending the trailer brochures to them . That’s all you need to do and they will tell you what you need. It’s a seamless process, great customer support.

  6. Richard O (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, extremely high quality made in America. I purchased the
    Executive pin box, with new bolts ,safety chains , getting the parts to the house went very smooth
    Customer service was outstanding. If you send in your brochure they will tell you what you need.

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