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MEGA-DUTY 21K Drop Hitch (2.5" Shank)

(16 customer reviews)
  • Available in 2 12” Shank
  • Pintle and/or Dual Ball Hitch
  • Strongest adjustable drop hitch
  • Up to 21,000 lbs towing capacity
  • Most versatile hitch
  • 2.5″ Slot Openings on Hitch

What size Drop Hitch Do I Need?

Drop Hitch Stabilizer Kit/Bars

Warranty Users Guide


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Applies ONLY to the drop hitch, not the ball mount and pintle lock.
Lead time 6-8 weeks for custom colors.
Please call (574) 218-6363 if you want an attachment powder coated.

“Hands down the highest quality hitch on the market! American made, best ride quality, adjustability, & just plain safe! Thanks GEN-Y!”

About This Product

The Gen Y Mega Duty 21k Drop Hitch is a fully adjustable hitch perfect for customers towing with multiple applications. The Mega Duty Hitch is designed with safety in mind and can be utilized by boaters, off-roaders, and any serious outdoorsmen. Furthermore, this hitch can be used for other applications including any bicycle rack, cargo rack, motorcycle carrier, etc.

The Mega Duty Drop Hitch stands apart from its competition due to its adjustability. You can easily adjust the height of the attachment by removing the pin and moving the ball mount to the desired height. For even greater adjustability, you can pair the Mega Duty Hitch with Gen Y’s Weight Distribution Shank. This hitch makes towing a breeze as it’s fast and easy to use, and it also ensures that the trailer is being towed as level as possible. 

This hitch is designed and tested for use in the drop or rise position, providing even greater versatility. Capable of being adapted to almost any bumper style trailer and pintle style couplings, this hitch is a great option for those looking for the best way to tow! 

Benefits Of The Mega Duty 21k Drop Hitch:

  • Versatility
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Simple Design/Easy To Use

Product Features:

  • 2.5″ Receiver
  • 21,000 lb Towing Capacity; 3,000 lb Tongue Weight
  • Drop/Rise Range: 6″ to 18″
  • Versa Ball: 2″ and 2 5/16″
  • Includes Versa-Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
  • Fabricated with Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Sand Blasted and Coated with a Durable Silver-Vein Powder Coat
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed for 1.5″ or smaller lunette rings
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

All GEN-Y HITCH products are rigorously tested and exceed the SAE-J684 Weight Testing Requirements. Never exceed the recommended capacity on any trailer tow coupling or vehicle receiver hitch. Patents protecting the GEN-Y MEGA-DUTY 10K adjustable drop hitch include #(s)   USD697838S1, USD682751S1, USD683279S1USD797008S1

Does Your Truck Have a Lift Kit?

Got a lift, no problem! Even if you have a lift kit, this hitch can still be of use! However, there are a few things to think about when towing with a lifted vehicle. 

Long drop hitches (12″ or more) will put additional leverage on the vehicle receiver. Therefore, in some cases, receiver hitch manufacturers will reduce ratings by as much as 50%. 

A long drop hitch will also typically create a lot more movement due to the added length and drop of the ball mount. Using the Stabilizer Kit (GH-0100) will tie the bottom of the GEN-Y adjustable drop hitch into the frame of the truck which will take the stress off of the receiver as well as keeping the bottom of the ball mount from moving, ensuring a safe towing experience.

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Gen-Y Hitch


Zinc Primer and Epoxy Powder Coated

Hitch Options

Includes Versa-Ball Mount, Includes Versa-Ball Mount & Pintle Lock

16 reviews for MEGA-DUTY 21K Drop Hitch (2.5″ Shank)

  1. Carl

    Very versatile, well worth the money!

  2. Mason

    Worth every dollar! Never have to worry about having the right hitch! Just jump in and go. Great for work trucks that need a pintle and a ball! Always have the right hitch for the job. Would recommend to anyone using multiple hitch types.

  3. austin

    Hands down the best hitch on the market!! I have used every type of special drop hitches for my lifted trucks over the years and was just never fully happy with them. Once i saw these i had to give them a shot and have never looked back since then. I have them on every now, including my lifted SXS. A+++++

  4. Robert

    The strongest hitch available on the market. I have one and buying another one for my son.

    It’s a no worry hitch – hook up with confidence and go.

  5. Chad E (verified owner)

    Hitch did not fit in reciever without modification. Not overly impressed considering the hitch, anti rattle device and lock was $500 and required a grinder for install. I’ve had 3 hitches now this truck and this is the first that had to be wire wheeled to remove the paint so it would fit. I ordered the anti rattle device which I obviously didn’t need due to fitment issues. I tried to make the anti rattle device fit after the wire wheeling and it still won’t wedge into the receiver. I had recieved the hitch just in time for a trip and had no other options to tow heavy so I made it fit. If I would have had a spare I would have sent the hitch back to gen y. On a good note it is a very heavy duty hitch that looks like it will hold up long term provided it doesn’t rust away now due to lack of paint where it plugs into the trucks receiver.
    Gen y feel free to contact me.

    • Shawna Skiles

      Hi Chad, we are sorry to hear you experienced these issues! For assistance, please feel free to call our sales team at 574-248-4124, and they will be glad to talk to you about this issue.

  6. Josh fromm (verified owner)

    The hitch is great and heavy duty but had to grind all the paint off the shaft to make it fit in my 2 1/2 receiver. Need to down size the shaft to make room for the paint

  7. Gilbert Cervantes

    Guys, KEEP ON DOING WHAT EVER IT IS THAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING… I’m fairly new to the bumper pulling game and since I purchased the perfect baby rig (2019 RAM 3500 Mega Cab Dually) to haul pintle hitch generators and other type of pintle hitch loads I decided to go on out and spend the extra $300.00 or so to get me something that I somehow had a feeling would last for a hell of a long time and at the same time compliment the look of my truck at the same time. I get asked by quite a few fellers out here where it is that I snatched this 9” drop 21K hitch and I guide them straight to your site. I’m completely satisfied. Not sure if these things come with a Gen-Y sticker (mine didn’t) but if they do, send me a couple on over and I’ll be more than glad to slap them on the baby rig. Appreciate such a great product, keep on doing what you’re doing, it’s obviously working out, thanks a ton!! 🙌🏼

  8. KW (verified owner)

    Great quality hitch! Very quick delivery. Was recommended by a fleet supply store and this hitch did not disappoint.

  9. Matt Harmening (verified owner)

    I have an 11” lifted Ram 2500 Diesel on 40’s. I needed a heavy duty drop hitch (15” drop) that was top notch quality. I got exactly that with this hitch. It was packaged very well, it was definitely heavy duty, and with the stabilizer kit, this hitch set up was exactly what I was looking for.

  10. Michael Ortega

    This hitch is the real deal, NO BS HERE. Like their other hitch products, VERY WELL BUILT and excellent craftsmanship., it also leaves spots for other accessories, if needed, which makes it very versatile. Customer service is exactly like the hitch, AWESOME! This is for serious truck owners that need a strong and dependable drop hitch. The price reflects the quality and in my opinion is more than fair. As with any good tool, If you take care of this it will take care of you, for a long, long time.
    P.S Make sure that you can lift 60lbs, because when it arrives with everything in the box that is how much it weights….yeah its NO JOKE!

  11. William (verified owner)

    I ordered the 21k drop hitch with 5 positions and when I received the product I realized I messed the measurements. I contacted Gen Y and spoke to Ashley Griffee. She helped me get my hitch swapped out for the right drop and the process went flawlessly. Customer support is remarkable!! I can’t thank them enough! Now for the hitch. The fit and finish is nothing less then perfect! If you have a lifted truck then Gen Y is the way to go from products to customer service!! Highly recommend Gen Y for all towing products.

  12. Jake (verified owner)

    I love this hitch, the finish is great and the fit is perfect on my 2012 f350. In fact I purchased a hitch tightener from gen-y and I don’t even need to use it! I purchased this mainly to tow pintle and there is very minimal slop when my trailer is latched up. This is a well built, American made product that won’t disappoint.

  13. Pedro Mercado (verified owner)

    This hitch is amazing the quality of the hitch is awesome everything is super sturdy you can’t go back to any other hitch defently with be buying another one for another truck … price is up their but you won’t regret it best hitch on the market right now !!

    • Ashley Griffee

      We appreciate it, Pedro! We pride ourselves in the sturdiness that our hitches are built with!

  14. Cory (verified owner)

    Great product. I don’t generally haul anything close to the tow limit, but I wanted to purchase a hitch that would have no issue with my truck’s max rating. Finish looks great and I love the multiple options I get with one unit. No doubt would recommend to anyone that’s in the market.

    • Ashley Styers

      Cory, we appreciate your positive feedback! We’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying your 21K MEGA-DUTY!

  15. Tim B (verified owner)

    This thing is beefy. Looks great works great

    • Ashley Styers

      Thank you for the positive review, Tim! Glad to hear you’re liking the MEGA-DUTY!

  16. Kurt (verified owner)

    This is my second Gen-Y, awesome hitch, tough as nails. Only complaint is the powder coat, doesn’t last, fades quick and peels / flakes off with rust revealing underneath. Other than the powder, no complaints. Customer is top notch too!

    • Ashley Styers

      Thank you you for choosing GEN-Y Hitch for your heavy-duty towing needs, Kurt! We would highly recommend filling out our Warranty Claim Form regarding the powder coat so our Warranty/Quality Control Team can take a look at it:

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