Victory Lane (Torsion-Flex) Trailer Couplers


Smoothest Ride

Lifetime Warranty



Adjustable Hitch on the Market

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Smoothest Ride Achieved at Specified Tongue Weight Range
  • Built-in Suspension Creates Up to 90% Smoother Ride
  • Shock Absorption Protects Cargo from Harsh Bumps
  • Includes all Hardware for Installation

User’s Guide/Warranty

Tongue weight is typically 15-20% of trailer’s GVWR



Towing Capacity
Hitch Options

“Hands down the highest quality hitch on the market! American made, best ride quality, adjustability, & just plain safe! Thanks GEN-Y!”

About This Product

The Victory Lane Trailer Coupler is one of the best couplers on the market. Offering an innovative design, this product is guaranteed to provide one of the smoothest towing experiences available. Its use of Torsion-Flex technology ensures that this hitch will provide a great quality of service for years to come! Perfect for first-time towers, or going long distances, order your Victory Lane Trailer Coupler today!

Benefits Of The Victory Lane Trailer Coupler:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Greater control
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Decreased tire wear
  • Safeguards against dangerous road conditions
  • 5-year warranty on Rubber Components
  • 100% made in the USA

Product Features:

  • Adjustable Coupler
  • Compatible with most channel Flat mount couplers and Toterhomes
  • Fabricated with Heavy Duty Steel
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Torsion Flex Cords, Eliminates Shock Transfer
  • Precision Milled and Drilled
  • No Airbag to Maintain, No Bearings to Crush or Wear Out, Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Built-In Mechanical Tongue Weight Scale for Balanced Safe Loading
  • 21,000-32,000 Towing Capacity
  • Engineered Using Solidworks, The World’s Most Recognized Engineering Software
  • Design & Utility Patents Pending
  • Call for Special Colors or Custom Sizes
  • Protected under Patent # 9,505,281 B1 & US D773,345S

All GEN-Y products are rigorously tested and exceed the SAE-J684 Weight Testing Requirements. Never exceed recommended capacity on any trailer tow coupling or vehicle receiver hitch.

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Gen-Y Hitch

Towing Capacity

2.4K Tongue Weight 21K Towing, 3.5K Tongue Weight, 32K Towing, 4K Tongue Weight, 32K Towing, 4.5K Tongue Weight, 32K Towing, 6K Tongue Weight, 40K Towing

Hitch Options

Class C Toterhome Hitch, Flat Mount (Trailer Tongue)


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