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Spotlighting The Gen-Y BOSS Torsion-Flex Hitch

Choosing the right hitch can be difficult, especially if you are new to towing. Although there are plenty of options out there, the Gen-Y BOSS Torsion-Flex Hitch stands above the rest with its innovative design and Torsion-Flex technology. Put this hitch on any bumper style trailer and experience a 90% smoother ride than any hard connection hitch. This hitch allows you to ride in comfort and ease when transporting cargo between locations. 

Overview of Torsion-Flex Technology

One of the things that helps the Gen-Y BOSS Torsion-Flex Hitch stand out is the use of Torsion-Flex technology. This technology comes with several benefits and will be a great asset to anyone who utilizes it. Some of the benefits of this technology include:

  • Protects Cargo from Harsh Bumps
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Up to 90% smoother ride than traditional hard connections
  • Reduce tire wear on your truck and trailer
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Guaranteed most versatile on the market (most connections + highest towing capacity

This incredible technology not only provides ease of use but also helps to preserve other equipment saving you money as you’ll need to make fewer repairs/replacements. 

Benefits Over Other Types Of Hitches

The BOSS Torsion-Flex Hitch is the combination of Torsion-Flex technology and the Mega-Duty drop hitch. It has several applications. From construction contractors and municipality fleets to anyone needing to hook up multiple trailers. Aside from being heavy-duty, fully adjustable, and versatile, this hitch also has rubber torsion arms. This amazing technology means that instead of 100% of the trailer’s inertia being transferred, you only get 10%. Because the tow vehicle and trailer track independently, those who use this hitch have greater control and safety due to the reduction in sway and trailer bounce.

Another benefit is the increase in braking control due to the evenly distributed weight of the tow vehicle. Although bumps, potholes, curves, hills, and even other drivers can be a common danger on the road, the BOSS keeps you in control when facing these dangerous conditions. The BOSS Torsion-Flex hitch also reduces metal fatigue caused by traditional towing which can take a toll on the trailer and its contents. Consequently, the BOSS increases the quality of life and holds value, ensuring that everyone (family, friends, and livestock) arrives at the destination safe and sound.

The Gen-Y Hitch mount is unique in that it includes a ball mount that can easily be positioned in one of 6 stacked receivers that sit along the unit’s vertical shank. This dual-ball mount lets you tow a trailer with a 2″ ball coupler or a 2-5/16″ ball coupler. Another included benefit is a pintle lock, which can be inserted directly into the receiver above the ball mount to create a pintle hitch which allows you to hook up a trailer with a lunette ring. This adjustable pintle hook is unlike others on the market because there are no nuts and bolts to remove when changing the position of this hitch. You just need to move the ball mount and pintle lock up or down to get the proper height, then secure them in place with the included pins.

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Applications for the BOSS Torsion-Flex Hitch

The BOSS hitch has several uses. Not only can you use this hitch to pull campers, equipment trailers, and horse trailers, but you can adjust it for other uses as well. With the 6 stacked receivers, not only do you have the ability to adjust the height of the included ball mount, but you also have the ability to add various other hitch-mounted accessories. You can insert a bike rack or cargo carrier. Or you could even mount a spare tire carrier. You can flat tow your vehicle by using a tow bar or even add a fun hitch cover. This heavy-duty mount is built with a 1,700-lb tongue weight. So if you want, you could even use multiple hitch accessories at the same time, provided there are no issues with clearance. This means that you can use your hitch-mounted bike rack to haul your bikes while also flat towing your vehicle.

Overview of the Class V 16K Drop Hitch

It’s important to know which hitch classification is right for you. Hitch classification depends on what you are towing, and which vehicle you are using to tow it. Typically, it is good to have a trailer ride behind the tow vehicle as level as possible. So it is important to measure the distance from the ground to the bottom of the trailer coupler and from the ground to the inside top of your hitch opening. Make certain that both the truck and the trailer are sitting level when you take your measurements. The difference between the two measurements will be the drop or rise that you will need.

If you are unsure of the height of your trailer, you can find it by measuring the distance from the ground to the center of your tow vehicle’s hitch opening, and then subtract that from 14″ since the average height for most trailers is 15″-17″ off the ground. Then you will have the drop size that you’ll need for most trailers on the market. An example of this would be if your vehicle measures 21.5″, then go with a 5″ drop. If you’re still uncertain which drop hitch to use, you can refer to the chart below.

Vehicle Hitch Height Drop Hitch Size Needed:

  • 20-22 Inches 5 or 6 Inch Drop Hitch
  • 23-25 Inches 7.5 or 9 Inch Drop Hitch
  • 26-28 Inches 10 or 12 Inch Drop Hitch
  • 29-31 Inches 12.5 or 15 Inch Drop Hitch
  • 32-34 Inches 17.5 or 18 Inch Drop Hitch
  • 35-37 Inches 20 or 21 Inch Drop Hitch

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