What Is Torsion-Flex Technology?

When you choose a hitch, it’s important to get the right one. Keeping you and your family safe on the road while towing is important. So you should always pick a hitch that can help make that happen. Gen Y hitches are a cut above the rest due to their Torsion-Flex technology. 

This technology has several advantages and will help get you and your cargo where you need to go. So let’s answer the question, what is Torsion-Flex technology?

Torsion-Flex Technology

Torsion-Flex technology is our patented design that helps improve hitch function and advantage. Its unique assembly leads to its effectiveness on the road. Once your trailer is hooked up, your tongue weight is applied, and you’re going down the road, it’s time for this hitch to shine. 

In motion, the arms of the hitch will move up and down with the bumps in the road to decrease inertia between your truck and what you’re towing. An added benefit to our Torsion-Flex hitches is our built-in tongue weight scales. 


Our Torsion-Flex technology leads to many advantages. Here are some pros to consider.

Increased Cargo Protection

Since our Torsion-Flex technology moves up and down with the trailer as it goes over potholes and other road hazards, it reduces the inertia you feel between the truck and trailer while driving. This keeps your cargo from getting bumped and jostled around in transit. You can enjoy a smoother ride with the peace of mind that whatever you’re towing will arrive in one piece.

Increased Fuel Economy

This patented technology reduces inertia by up to 90%. This decrease in drag improves gas mileage. Some customers have reported saving up to 3 miles per gallon. Over time, this really adds up making it that much more clear how the Torsion-Flex technology is in a league of its own.

Reduced tire wear on truck and trailer

Due to the smoother ride and decreased inertia, tires on your truck and trailer will last longer. Anyone who spends time on the road knows that replacing tires can be expensive. Worn-out tires can be incredibly dangerous. With our technology, you can know that your tires are in good shape and not wearing out anytime soon.


One of the biggest advantages of our Torsion-Flex technology is its versatility. Our selection of Torsion-Flex hitches gives you the most connections and highest towing capacities. No matter what your towing needs are, we have a great hitch to help satisfy your needs.

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