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An Honest look at GEN-Y’s Executive Fifth Wheel Line

GEN-Y’s Hitch’s Executive Fifth Wheel line is a variety of fifth-wheel king pin boxes that attach your fifth-wheel trailer to the fifth-wheel hitch in your truck bed. This line has long been one of our best-selling series, and with good reason. The innovative design of these products provides customers with benefits and features that can’t be found elsewhere. Here’s an honest look at GEN-Y’s Executive Fifth Wheel line, and why you should consider purchasing one!

Made with TORSION-FLEX Technology

The biggest benefit of GEN-Y’s Executive Fifth Wheel Line is its use of our patented TORSION-FLEX technology. This design offers a multitude of benefits, including the elimination of shock transfer!

TORSION-FLEX technology allows up to 90% of shock transfer to be eliminated, resulting in a smoother (and safer) towing experience. A smoother ride means more control, keeping the driver and cargo safe on the road.

Additionally, customers have reported increased fuel savings, decreased tire wear, and less wear and tear on other towing components. For those who tow regularly, these extra savings can quickly add up, making these products well worth the cost! 

Quality Materials and Construction

Aside from utilizing TORSION-FLEX technology, the Executive Fifth Wheel line is fabricated from heavy-duty steel and is engineered using SOLIDWORKS software. Furthermore, this quality construction takes place 100% in the USA and can be trusted.

Furthermore, this product is precision milled and drilled, and finished with a durable powder coat, which helps protect it from the elements and other various hazards. We believe that a product that can’t be trusted isn‘t worth buying. Therefore, we strive to provide excellence with all of our products, and work tirelessly to produce items that will keep our customers safe on the road for years to come!

Available Warranties

While we stand by the quality of this line of products, we understand that accidents happen, and wear and tear can take a toll. That’s why GEN-Y Hitch has decided to stand by our products and our customers by offering a 5-year warranty on rubber components. Additionally, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all other components.

We believe that you should be able to trust our products, as well as our brand. That’s why we want to make sure the Executive gives you the best towing experience available. Whether you tow regularly, or you’re an occasional traveler, we want you to be confident in your towing components. So don’t hesitate, make the most of your towing experience with GEN-Y Hitch!

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