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When Should I Use a Weight Distribution Hitch?

A weight-distributing hitch takes the tongue weight and transfers it from the hitch point to the axle of the trailer and the front of the truck. When it comes

to most trucks, they will have a weight limit. When you hit this limit you will need to use weight distribution to make sure that your trailer brakes are working properly and to make sure that your truck is brought back to level and that the extreme stress caused by this excessive weight is distributed appropriately!

Our National Sales Rep, Tracy Helmuth, explain the importance of weight distribution!

Check out this great video we found on Youtube that demonstrates this in a pretty cool way!

So when it is all said and done, a weight distribution hitch is basically just physics in action! Our National Sales Rep, Tracy Helmuth explains all of this in a recent video we shot having to do with this very subject…Check it out! (click image to the right)

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What “Drop” Do I Need?

Truck pulling rubber torsion class v flex hitch by Gen-Y HitchHow do I know what “drop” hitch mount I need for my vehicle? This is typically the major question and can vary depending on your trailer. Ideally, you want your trailer to sit behind your vehicle as level as possible when connected. The easiest way to figure this out is to measure the difference from the bottom of the trailer tongue (level) to the inside bottom of your hitch. The difference is the approximate drop you should try to get close to.

If you are not sure your trailer height, then 15-17″ off the ground is an average height for most trailers to use. Again, measure tow vehicle’s hitch opening. Then the appropriate drop is the difference between that and approximately 16″. Example, your vehicle measures 19.5″, then go with a 4″ drop, which gets you close to the middle between 15″ – 17″.

To check out more on this, take a look at our FAQ page!


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How to Tow & NOT Feel Like Ground Beef

No one likes feeling like ground beef. Maybe you know what I am talking about…The flu for instance makes your skin and muscles hurt, your back ache and your legs feel like they have weights on them. Maybe a better reference might be that feeling a few hours after you lift weights and did a little too much. You hurt in places you didn’t know you had, and you would give anything for it to stop.

So what is it about GEN-Y Hitches that helps to keep you from feeling like a freshly pounded meatloaf? I am glad you asked! Here are three things that GEN-Y does to our hitches that keep your ride smoother, conserves your gas, and protects all 2000 of your body parts!

  1. Rubber Torsion hitches beat on the rubber, not on your body

A quick look at the construction of our torsion hitches shows you that we have them put together to take a beating! The guts of these hitches have a 10 year warranty, and as of today we have yet to replace one. They are amazing at taking the brunt of  the impact from the road you drive on and NOT passing it on to your vehicle in a way that makes you arrive at your destination feeling like you just got in a fight with a professional boxer.

2. Stronger construction keeps the jarring of your trailer/truck to a minimum (which keeps the jarring of your body to a minimum!)

The construction of ALL of our hitches is a thicker steal, made with a cubes construction, which is done to take more use/wear without compromising structural integrity or quality in any way. It’s all about the details when it comes to GEN-Y, and we are proud of how meticulous we are in EVERY detail of EVERY GEN-Y product!

3. GEN-Y versatility gives you the option to tow at the appropriate drop height!

One of the reasons that you often feel like ground beef by the time you reach your destination when towing is because you may not have the needed drop height to tow at the right level. This will put more stress on your vehicle and thereby put more stress on you in the way of jarring and bumping. When you are able to tow at the appropriate height no matter the level of your trailer, you are guaranteed the smoothest ride imaginable every time!

So if you’d rather EAT ground beef than feel like it, it might just be time for you to #GetHitched with a #GenuineGenY. Check us out online at!

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GEN-Y’s Top 3 Time/Money Saving Towing Tips

Many might be anticipating that our top 3 tips will all focus on purchasing a GEN-Y Hitch, which, quite frankly, would work as GEN-Y Hitch’s do help you save time and money when towing, but we wanted to give you 3 tips that will help you save time and money when it comes to towing that focus on many areas, and we are excited to share them with you… Let’s Get Started!

1.Travel at Moderate Speeds

So you want better gas mileage? Lay off the lead foot! Moderate speeds are best when towing. When you speed up, you fight
against the wind, and this causes your vehicle to work harder and use gas faster. It might seem odd that a “time saving” tip includes “slowing down”, but it’s like I tell my kids, slow is fast and fast is slow! (this is USUALLY in relation to doing dishes, but it works here too!) 

2. Fill ‘Em Up! 

Ten minutes a day checking your tires (pressure, wear, etc.) could allow you to save big bucks at the pump and HUGE time by knowing exactly what your tires look like! There is nothing more frustrating than being on a schedule and having to deal with a flat tire! This is a good practice to get into whether you are towing or not.

3. Choose the RIGHT Hitch (We think GEN-Y Makes a great hitches, COMPLETELY unbiased recommendation, lol.)

There are many things to take into account when it comes to buying a hitch for your vehicle. How strong is it? How versatile is it? What is its construction like? What do others think about it? Is it a good value? (notice we didn’t say ‘cheap’..the cheapest is rarely the best!). It is so much more than just looking at a name and kicking the hitch on your friend’s truck. If you can’t read about them online, and if they are n0t getting good reviews on social media sites (not getting ANY reviews is just as bad by the way), then you may end up with a hitch that simply doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

We hope you enjoyed this first blog installment! Have questions you’d like us to address? Send them to us at jeff@!

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