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Our New and Improved Executive Fifth Wheel Line!

GEN-Y’s Executive Fifth Wheel line has long served our customers with its many benefits and practical uses. Specifically, our Executive is the bests riding fifth wheel pin box available on the market. Despite its incredible construction, we decided to make it even better! Here’s what you need to know about our new and improved Executive Fifth Wheel line!

Lighter Weight

Since our original Executive line utilized heavy-duty steel for its construction, our kingpin box tended to be a little on the heavier side. However, we decided to change that, and our new and improved fifth-wheel line is now up to 17% lighter! 

Extra Strength and Durability

We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice durability for weight. So even though we made this line lighter, its new and improved design means that its strength has been increased. When you’re on the road, you shouldn’t have to worry about your hitch failing you. Our Executive line contains some of the strongest and most reliable products on the market. 

Simplified Latch Release

Finally, our new and improved Executive fifth-wheel line has a redesigned auto-latch lever. This change provides much better leverage to pull (or release) the latch when unhooking the trailer from the truck. Essentially, we changed the routing of the cable, which reduces friction. The end result is a reduction in the amount of pull required to release the latch, thus making it easier to unlatch. It equates to about a 40% reduction in pull required.

Are you looking for an upgrade? GEN-Y Hitch maintains a commitment to excellence. Our aim to to provide our customers with the best hitches on the market. If you’re looking for a hitch that will meet your needs or have questions about your current GEN-Y hitch, please don’t hesitate to contact us or browse our wide selection of quality hitches!

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