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Spotlighting The Phantom Hitch

The Phantom Hitch by GEN-Y Hitch is one of our most innovative hitches yet! We worked tirelessly to design and build a hitch that offers benefits you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else! The Phantom’s unique design allows it to be used when you need it and easily stored when you don’t. Aside from quality craftsmanship, this hitch offers a slew of other benefits. Here’s what you need to know!

The Phantom Hitch is Easily Stored

By far the most unique feature of the Phantom Hitch is its storage mode. Conventional hitches get in the way as they are always sticking out. From backing into your garage door to smacking your shin on solid steel, a hitch that sticks out can cause problems.

Another issue with conventional hitches is that many trucks can’t fully lower their tailgate without contacting the hitch, and doing damage.

The Phantom easily eliminates these issues by allowing you to easily adjust the hitch by removing the lock pin, inverting the hitch, and locking it in place. This causes the hitch to face inwards, under your towing vehicle, rather than sticking straight out the back!

With this innovative design, you can easily go through car washes, back into tighter spaces, and lower your tailgate as far as it goes without having to worry about your hitch. Then, when you need it, simply bring it out of storage mode and you’re ready to tow!

Quality Craftsmanship

Another major benefit of the Phantom Hitch is its heavy-duty steel construction. Made 100% in the USA, we guarantee that this hitch is well worth the money and will last you a lifetime.

Other hitches wear out easily, forcing you to replace them every few years. The Phantom, however, can stand strong through the toughest towing experiences. When you choose the Phantom Hitch from GEN-Y, you’re choosing one of the best options available on the market.

The Phantom Hitch is Fully Adjustable

Another great feature of this hitch is its fully adjustable ball mount. This allows you to achieve the right amount of drop every time you tow, ensuring the levelest towing experience possible.

Simply remove the lock pin, move the ball mount up or down, and lock it in place. The versatility of this hitch is virtually unrivaled. You can choose a 6” drop with 3 available positions, or a 9” drop with 4 available positions. No matter your needs, this hitch can get the job done.

If you’re looking for a new hitch, look no further than the Phantom. Contact GEN-Y Hitch today to find out more about how a GEN-Y Hitch is the only hitch you’ll ever need!

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