The REBEL Hitch

Spotlighting The REBEL Hitch 

Choosing the right hitch can be a big decision. Knowing what sets one hitch apart from another can be difficult. However, the REBEL hitch is a great option to meet your needs and is one of the toughest hitches on the market! Here are a few key features that help set this hitch apart from its competitors!

Product Overview

The REBEL hitch is a competitively priced hitch perfect for lighter duty towing. This hitch is compatible with  ½ ton trucks and SUVs. GEN-Y’s innovative stacked tube design enables customers the ability to adjust the ball mount up or down in order to achieve the right amount of drop every time! 

Not only is the REBEL hitch fully adjustable, but it’s also capable of being used in a drop or rise position. This makes the REBEL reliable as well as versatile. We also offer accessories for the REBEL hitch such as:

  • Platinum Ball Mount
  • Economy Ball Mount
  • Sway control head 
  • Hitch step

This hitch is an excellent option for all your towing needs.

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Gen-Y Hitch exists to better the lives of our customers, dealers, vendors, employees, and the automotive industry. We will always put our customers’ needs ahead of our own. Contact us today and let us help you!

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